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Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Lakewood umc



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Team Members

Team Members
Kelly Thomas
  • JtJoey thomas
  • GtGrace thomas
Ruth Eyres
  • TBTammy Browne
  • RERashon Eyres
  • MEMirande Eyres
RRRobyn Rektor
    Rhonda Bensen
    • JBJohn Bensen
    • LBLauren Bensen
    ASAndrew Suite
    • DADaniel Adams
    • CACassidy Alexander
    • LBLexie Burleson
    • SCSydney Conway
    • LDLilly Davis
    • CLCate Lowe
    • TMTal Mims
    • CWColton Wadley
    • CWCamerson Wilkins
    • MDMason Downin
    • MMMitchell Martin
    • DWDylan Williams
    • SYScotty Yearber
    • RRRobyn Rektor
    • ARAlan Ries
    • DRDiane Ries
    • KMKaren Mims

    Recent Donations

    LULakewood United Methodist Church
    PKPatricia Kohler
    So proud of the amazing mom you are!!
    EBElizabeth Bard
    Ruth, Sorry that I'm late with my donation! I'm so proud of you for all that you're doing for all the precious children who are waiting. Best, Elizabeth

    Team Overview

    Team Lakewood umc has raised 44% of its goal
    Team Fundraising Goal: $8,000.00
    Money Raised: $3,551.23

    Event overview

    Walk for the Waiting has raised 92% of their goal
    Walk for the Waiting Goal:$250,000.00
    Money Raised:$231,699.67