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Aubrey Williams
Hi! I am Aubrey.
I am nine years old and I love God and Jesus, my cat Whiskers, my family, my friends, and, well, I love everybody! Please sponsor me for this year's Walk for the Waiting event so other foster kids can find their Forever Families (like I did!) and so older kids can get the support and learn the skills they need to live on their own and be Overcomers! No donation is too small (or too big!!!).
Thank you so much,


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. Michael Coley
I hope you beat your goal Aubrey
2. Terese Carter
Go Aubrey, go.
3. Amy Brawner
Way to go Aubrey!
4. Sue Williams
I hope you reach your goal, Aubrey. Love you
5. Carolyn L Williams
Hugs to Aubrey and the whole Williams gang 💕. Walk on!!
6. Isaac Alexander
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