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Do you know what’s never easy? Telling a child that they are coming into foster care and leaving behind everything they know. Do you know what’s even harder? Telling a sibling group that they have to be separated because there is no home that has enough room for all of them. These children are leaving behind not only their parents and worldly possessions but their towns, schools, friends, and all of the things that matter the most to them. At the very least they should be able to live in the same home as their siblings right?? Sadly enough, that rarely happens with larger sibling groups. They are removed from their families and now they are being ripped away from each other because there aren’t enough foster homes with open beds for them to sleep at night. The open homes we do have are literally overflowing with children and are almost always too full to take 2, 3, or more children from these large sibling groups. Our community and our state need to do better by these children.

Can you imagine being a child and being told that you were not only going to be taken from your parents, put into a different home as your brothers and sisters, but that you won’t even be living in the same town as them? This happens on a regular basis in our own community because we do not have open homes with enough beds for these children. Let that sink in. This is happening in Sebastian County.

Even if you cannot foster, YOU can still make a difference in the lives of these children. If you would like information on fostering or how you can help, please reach out.

Also, I will be participating in Walk for the Waiting this year, which supports children in foster care in Arkansas. Here is a link to my Walk for the Waiting sponsorship page. If you feel the call to donate, it will go to the most worthwhile cause. ❤️❤️



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