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Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Grace Church



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Team Members

Julie Hurlburt
  • GHGabriel Hurlburt
  • MHMiles Hurlburt
  • NHNatalie Hurlburt
  • LHLucy Hurlburt
Beth Hendrix
  • CHCaleb Hendrix
  • THTyler Hendrix
CCCora Crain
    LeAnne Parham
      AJAlan Jones
        BJBarbara Jones
          KMKatie McSweeney
          • EMEthan McSweeney
          LDLaura Davis
            AJAudra Jones
            • AJAllyson Jones
            AOAnna Osmon
              LPLee Parham
                TDTom Davis

                  Recent Donations

                  JAJames Allman
                  Keep up the great work Bobby and Becky
                  CACheryl Anderson

                  Team Overview

                  Team Grace Church has raised 103% of its goal
                  Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
                  Money Raised:$5,160.00

                  Event overview

                  Walk for the Waiting 2018 has raised 82% of their goal
                  Walk for the Waiting 2018 Goal:$300,000.00
                  Money Raised:$246,298.88