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While the pandemic has created challenges for our collective mission, it has even more so strengthened our resolve to ensure that every child in Arkansas has a family. So to remind ourselves of the critical nature of this work, we’re offering a new mantra for the same mission of Walk for the Waiting: Every Heart Needs a Home! 

In the state of Arkansas alone, there are nearly 4,600 kids waiting in foster care, 329 of those are waiting to be adopted and nearly 200 will “age out” of foster care without a forever family this year. But you can help change that!


Ways for you to join the movement: 

Register to be a sponsored walker or move any way you want.

Donate directly on our website

Invite your friends, family, and church to join you in this movement    

Share your own, “Why I walk” and tag us @walkforthewaiting on instagram or Facebook 

Thank you for joining our movement!

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  • Yard Sign

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