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Team Waldo - We are the Village In 2018 the Waldo’s stepped out in a way that is only governed and directed by our Heavenly Father. We decided to step out and answer the call by adopting two kiddos who needed a second chance. In 2019 the adoption will be final and we will be a family of seven. During this process, we had been stretched and challenged but programs like the Call, Project Zero and Immerse have helped us tremendously. These three programs have come together and have one goal. The objective is to reach the orphans and kids that need a second chance. They are raising money at The Walk for the Waiting event this May. Team Waldo is raising money to help support the programs whom supports us each and everyday. Team Waldo is selling t-shirts with an objective of helping us raise $1,500 by May 4 (Be with you) 2019. In this message you will see a picture of the t-shirt and a link where you can follow the money raised for this great cause. You can not only receive an awesome t-


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