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Keith Metz

OK guys, it's crunch time, so here comes a ridiculous challenge -- Keith's Walk for the Waiting Wax-apalooza!

That's right...to pry a few bucks out of your pockets, I'm going to subject myself to some "manscaping"...live on Facebook at the Walk for the Waiting!

Here are the rules:

Starting today (4.16.19), all you have to do is donate ANY AMOUNT to start the following sequence of torturous manscaping treatments...

* 10 people = Eyebrows
* 20 people = Forearms
* 30 people = Upper arms
* 40 people = Calves
* 50 people = Thighs

No one wants to see anything else on me get waxed, trust me!

So, whatcha got friends? Let's see how bad you want to see me cry like a baby on Facebook, all for a great cause.



raised of $250 goal

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Can't wait for the show!
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