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Thank you for supporting Walk for the Waiting! Little Rock Church has a huge heart for foster children and those awaiting their forever families. We have several foster and adoptive families. We've been an enthusiastic supporter of WFTW since the very first one. One of our families adopted two little boys after meeting them at a Project Zero Disney Extravaganza a few years ago. The youngest of those boys, Louie, is our team captain this year. Please help Louie set a record for most money raised for Walk for the Waiting!



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1. TIThe Bug Man, Inc.
Louie, you're an honorary Bug Man! We love you buddy!
2. MPMelinda Peck
From Morgan
3. DCDavid And Becky Cranford
We love you Louie! You are an inspiration to people all over the world!
4. DGDenise Grogan
Louie and family, you are loved by MANY far and wide! From a friend of Miss Christie in MO!!
5. RPRaymond Peters
Love Louie!
6. HCHannah Cranford
We love you, Louie!