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If you know our family, you know this cause is very near and dear to our heart. We have adopted our two oldest sons, Josiah and Walt, from foster care and are in the process of adopting another son, Sweets, from foster care. When you donate to our team, you are helping other kids like Josiah, Walt and Sweets find forever families because EVERY kid deserves a family. We often hear from people that they can't foster or adopt for various reasons, and we totally understand! But there is still so much more you can do if you are unable to open your home to the fatherless. Supporting events like this are a big way you can make a difference for not just one child in care, but many. Whether you are a seasoned foster/adopt parent or you are just wanting to make a difference, we'd love if you'd consider donating to our team and showing our boys, and the thousands like them in Arkansas, that they are WORTHY. Together we can make a difference! - Eric, Katie, Josiah, Walt, and Sweets



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Katie Mahfouz

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    IGIrene Garcia
    Wish you all the BEST!! Godbless ??????
    TThe Cooks
    We love you guys more than you know. We see you, we support you and we respect you! Thank you for what you do.
    JPJeremy Prine
    Your neighbors are rooting for you!

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    Team Mahfouz Crew has raised 104% of its goal
    Team Fundraising Goal: $500.00
    Money Raised:$520.00

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    Walk for the Waiting 2018 has raised 82% of their goal
    Walk for the Waiting 2018 Goal:$300,000.00
    Money Raised:$246,298.88